Leather Rider

Ice Cream Run to Heislers Dairy  July 16, 2006

We had a great day for the ride. There were approx 150 people that went on the ride. Check the pictures below.

A special thanks going out to all of my road blockers that helped to make the day safe going through the intersections. And especially to Tim Greiner & Dave Mohl for their help. 

Bob Hoch is Leather Rider's official Photographer and a thanks to him for the photos.100_4251.jpg (1110287 bytes)

Video-1 is a little rough because he zoomed in on the bikers which made the video very sensitive to every movement. 

We will have More Videos Coming Soon so check back!      Video-2 

This video is very large and only people with DSL or Cable will be able to down load this. Cable will take 4 minutes to download after you click on the link, DSL will take a little longer. Video-3

Video-3 was provided by Dennis Swingholm. Thanks Dennis

The Solid Gold Riders and friends were also with us on the ride. Check out their site also for more pictures of this ride. Also check out their Solid Gold Band site and the Biker Pit Stop.


Leather Rider usually tries to lead 3 scenic rides a year. One of them is here at Heislers Dairy.

2-18 hole Miniature Golf courses located in scenic valley. Driving Range, game room, ice cream, snack bar, and pavilion.

See everyone on the next ride.


Leather Rider

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